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Welcome! This is, a small, independent game website. This website features no advertisements and does not plan to in order to fully utilize all the free software released under the GNU. I've tried my best to make sure that this site is accepting of all browsers, so if you run into problems, please tell me. If you are the owner of any of this and want to have it removed, contact me.


June 2, 2008: Put up Music Catch. Short game with soothing music, though to be fair, the better you are at the game, the less soothing it gets.

May 23, 2008: Continuning my trend of finding very similar games in bunches, here's phun. Phun is a physics game that concentrates more on the mechanical side of physics, rather than the chemical. Build motors, springs, etc. I also added a tutorial for OE-cake, just because there's a lot more to the game. Enjoy!

May 7, 2008: Oh man, if you liked The Sand Game you'll love OE Cake. No guarantees on compatability with Windows Vista or Linux machines, but still crazy fun. All sorts of neat features, including the ability to SAVE and LOAD! Did you make the best rice cooker ever because it stirs the rice as it boils? That's a trick question, I already did. But feel free to make your own awesome stuff!

Top games

Month of April:
1) N-Game [Good Platformer]
2) Bells! [Time Waster]
3) Seconds Of Maddness! [awesome graphics]
4) Copter game [Classic]
5) Boxhead Zombie Wars [Zombie Survival!]

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Copter game [Classic]
Crap Attack Game [MS-Paint?]
Fishy [Classic]
Lemonade Stand [What the crap?]
Tontie! [Use the numpad!]
Water Balloon Drop [Classic]
Jumper [I think I'm going insane...]
Zookeeper [Classic]
Fly Guy [Bored? So was he!]
Reflex Test [0.16 seconds!]
Marbles [Classic]
Miniputt [Classic]
Tempest1000 [Old School Goodness]
Tetris [Classic]
Tetris 2 [Great Music]
Frog Blender 2000 [Classic]
Renju [HA! I BEAT IT!]
Poke the Bunny [Classic]
Zizzo's Challenge [A ripoff of WarioWare]
Panda Golf [Great Distraction!]
Bubbles! [Classic]
Delirium [Wave after wave]
Name That Game [Old School Goodness]
Xiao Xiao 4 [Stick Figures!]
Root Beer Tapper [Old School Goodness]
Cantankerous Tank [Destruction Galore]
Swinger [Infuriating!]
Heli Attack 2 [Weird Controls]
Proximity [Strategy]
Pixelfield [challenging]
Dodge! [classic]
Fly Girl [Great Distraction]
Andromedia [Great Distraction]
Tanks [Classic Two Player]
Divine Intervention [Scrolling shoot-em-up]
Cursor Grab [Great Distraction]
Bubble Bobble 2 [Old School Goodness]
Comboling [Challenging little puzzle game]
Cultris [Because I love tetris]
Friends [Good music, side scroller]
Frozen Bubble [Great Distraction!]
Super Mario Brothers [Classic]
Super Maryo [Javascript Side-Scroller]
Shout 'n Dodge [Weird Controls- Microphone]
Red [Great Distraction!]
Minesweeper [Classic]
Plasma Pong [Great Distraction]
flTron [Classic! (Flash)]
Armagetron [Classic! (Download, network play)]
Bloxorz [Challenging!]
VectorTD [Great Distraction!]
Bugs! [Great Distraction!]
Warning Forever [Bullet-hell boss battles]
Desktop TD 1.2 [Classic!]
Pipedream [Old School Goodness]
Glider Pro [Paper Airplane Physics! (Macs only)]
Gun Run [Side-Scroller]
Max Dirtbike [Great Distraction!]
The Last Stand [Survive!]
Shift [Portal-esque game!]
Boxhead Zombie Wars [Zombie Survival!]
Winter Zombie [Zombie Survival!]
Puzzle Bobble! [Classic!]
Tower of Goo UNLIMITED! [Time Waster]
Phun [Physics for engineers]
Adult Swim Soccer [Great distraction!]
Cat Death Auto [Great distraction!]
Slime Volleyball [Classic]
Missile Command [Classic]
Realistic internet Simulator [I hate spam]
Mystery of Time and Space [Great distraction!]
Defend Your Castle! [Classic]
Fly Sui! [Infuriating!]
Bored in Meetings [Damn physics!]
Snowball Fight! [Great Distraction!]
Domo-Kun's Angry Smash Fest [Smash!]
The Anti-Bush Game [This game is dumb.]
Population Tire [Yay pixelated!]
City Jumper [Great Distraction]
Curve Ball [Classic]
Bowman [Really too big]
Holiday Hijinks [Classic]
Just Not Cricket [if you hate badgers]
Peguin Launch [Classic]
Squares! [Infuriating!]
Happy Pill [Great Distraction!]
9 Ball Pool [Classic Pool Action]
Spaced Penguin [Damn physics!]
Rampage [Old School Goodness]
Naked Melee [Just a good old fashion clicker]
Thy Dungeonman II [Text adventure!]
Snowy [Good Mini-Scroller]
Seconds Of Maddness! [awesome graphics]
Inverse Shooter! [twist on an old classic]
Snake [classic]
BattleShip [classic]
Nanaca Crash! [Japanese games are weird...]
GridLock [Classic]
Sobics [Great Distraction!]
Superfishing! [Classic]
Raiden X [Scrolling shoot-em-up]
Poom [Bounce... Bounce...]
The Sand Game [Physics! Oil Burns!]
N-Game [Good Platformer]
NexGame [Great Distraction!]
Risk [Classic]
Warioland [Awesome Platformer]
Invader360 [Time Waster]
Madness Interactive [Weird Controls]
flOw [Great Distraction!]
Cave Story [The best of platformers]
Marvin Spectrum [Great Distraction!]
BM Tron [Classic! (Java)]
Double Wires [Get more than 150!]
RatMaze 2 [Old School Goodness]
Bells! [Time Waster]
Line Rider! [Classic!]
Portal [A feat of Flash Programming]
Jezzball [Old School Goodness]
Chip's Challenge [Old School Puzzle Goodness]
Glider [Paper Airplane Physics!]
4 Wheel Madness [Great Distraction!]
Moby Blaster [Breakout Clone! Classic]
Luminara [Time Waster]
Bloons [Classic!]
Vector Runner [Great Distraction!]
You Have to Burn the Rope [Side-scrolling excellence]
Attack of the Swarm [Time Waster]
OE-Cake! [Physics out the wazoo!]
Music Catch [Good music!]

Awesome Things!

I'm only gonna put a few things I think are really, really awesome up here like:
DUB DUB! [Watch it shimmy and shake!]
M [I don't wanna be eaten!]
Final Fantasy A+ [Go Japanese!]
The "You are an idiot Page" [I made my own a long time ago]
Weird VBScript page [This ejects you CD via the internet (windows only)]
The Bush Sloganator [Whoa! This was actually sponsored by the Bush administration! hahaha! idiots!]
My custom dynamic 404 page [cross-platform compatable html and javascript]
There She Is [Random, but good song]


None [Sorry]


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